Wireless Dump Trailer Remote

Product Name WRCP12 Wireless Remote
Certification CE
Remote Distance 200 meters
Operating Frequency 433MHz
Operating Voltage/power 9V integrated battery
Operating Temperature -35℃ ~+80 ℃
Dimensions 70x 30x 120 mm

Wireless Dump Trailer Remote 

Target Hydraulics Wireless Remote:WRCP12

wireless remote and connector-dump trailer wireless remote

New and High Quality Wireless Remote for mini Hydraulic Power Packs
This wireless remote works lets you operate your mini DC power pack from up to 200meters(650ft) without cables or switches. Just press the remote buttons and you’re ready to operate your small hydraulic power unit start and stop, make hydraulic cylinder in or out.

Wireless Remote for Dump Trailer Power Unit Benefit

->Latest heavy duty long range model
->Remote range up to 200meters(650ft)

->Transmitter equipped with long life
->Battery and power saver circuit.
->Visual indicator light shows remote operation.
->Easy to install.

Target Hydraulics fenggexian x1


Remote  specifics:

Part Number:WRCP12

remote and connector_dump trailer remote

Working current:20 mA

Transmit power:10dBm

Transmitting antenna: built-in antenna

Remote distance:200 meters(650ft) ( up to)

Operating frequency:433mHz/315MHz

Working voltage:9V integrated battery

Operating temperature: -35℃ ~+80 ℃

Waterproof grade: IP65

Dimensions:70x 30x 120 mm

Weight:160 grams

Receiver Specifics:

Part Number:WRCP12

A: technical indicators:

(1) supply voltage: – 12VDC – 24VDC – 12VAC

(2) static current: less than 7.5mA

(3): working frequency 315MHz / 433MHz /

(4) contact capacity: 8A/250VAC 10A/28VDC

(5) control mode:

– interlocking self-locking – point type.

(6) size: 65 x 85mm.

B: attentions

(1)Keep the antenna straight and away from ground,            the vertical distance away, the working distance further.

(2) antenna length 24 cm (315MHz), 18 cm (433.92MHz).

(3) The maximum power of the relay is not exceeded.



How to wire receiver with DC hydraulic Power Unit:

Wire Diagram of Wireless Remote for Dump Trailer and small DC hydraulic power pack  (Part Number:WRCP12)

How to wire wireless Remote with Dump Trailer

The number of keys:2 operation keys

  • product features: reasonable structure, excellent performance, novel style, various functions can be selected, humanized design, engineering plastics shell, dust proof and waterproof, with under voltage indication function.
  • applicable scope: all kinds of industrial environment, well traction machinery, mining machinery, lighting equipment ,grinding machinery, transmission and lifting equipment, DC Hydraulic power unit, electric doors.
  • use tips: left green LED emission indicator, the red LED for under voltage instructions, when the right LED shine please change battery.

Wireless remote control receiver, two way non-power contact output, plastic shell, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, widely used in industrial automatic control, power, motors, lights, security systems, such as, with convenient installation, safe and reliable, and other characteristics.


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